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Super HD 360° bird view system

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Super HD 360° bird view system
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Super HD 360 degree surround bird view car camera system

1. 4 pcs 180° wide visual HD cameras arond the car at front, back, left and right, to detect the safe distance and eliminate blind zones, avoid terrible traffic accidents caused by blind zones;

2. Special 4 channel display function, record the all-round picture.

when we driving front if you would like to see the image arond the car, just push the emergency button for twice; when reversing, the monitor shows the relevant picture automatically;

3. Support max 32 GB SD card to keep 40 hours recording, and then start cycle recording .

4. All-round monitoring realizes the function of controllable playback the recorded video, easy to take instant evidence;

5. Convenient for new drivers to avoid scratching the car with a front/rear/left/right picture of the car;

6. Start recording by static automatic induction, record the whole traffic accidents (Optional function);

7. Panoramic image and specified navigation system simultaneously realize touching control;

8. Panoramic system and specified navigation system simultaneously realize quick switch and backstage audio play;

9. Seamless image can magnify the partial monitoring image;

10. Shooting the accident scene with HD video, providing evidence to avoid blackmail;

11. System user can update latest program by SD card at any time.